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    I’m a mom, a friend, a co-worker, and an artist that has too many hobbies and not enough time in one day! When I do have free time after that pesky thing we call a “job”, I hop on my road bike with my sweetie and explore the Pacific NW. I’m a Portland native, and love everything about this state. I have traveled to many states and islands, and have to say, we are spoiled here with all this place has to offer. I absolutely love going to farmers’ markets for fresh, local foods and whipping something up in the kitchen. I have a passion for baking, and cooking among many other things. I am a foodie at heart. Yes, I’ll admit, I am one of those geeks you see in a restaurant taking photos of food and writing about it on Yelp! Our blog began one day when Andrew suggested we blog about our recipes. Between the two of us, we are always in the kitchen cooking up something delish to eat. So here we are… read our blog, laugh about it, smile, and hopefully take a little something away from it for yourself. Cheers~ Tiffany


    Well by day I rome the world of the kitchen and bath industry in Portland Oregon. Some days I am a designer, others I am a carpenter, and sometimes a business owner.  I have worked with my hands for as long as I can remember, whether it was cooking a burger on a tin can stove in the back yard (under close supervision of my mother only) or throwing dirt clods and scheming the next addition to the impenetrable fort hidden in the black berry bushes.  One of my fondest memories was at age 13,  building a sail boat from plans from a popular mechanics book from the 50’s with my grandfather down in Redding CA at the house he built across the street from the Sacramento river.  We spent time building and eating out of the garden and making our own pizzas from a box mix.  Naturally with my mechanical inclination  I  am always interested in processes and how things are made, I guess you could even call me me a jack of all trades.  Strangely enough cooking has also been a passion of mine, I love how breaking bread and sharing with others brings people together.  Well if you’re looking around and trying to find me, start at the cabinet shop, next look in the kitchen, and if I’m not there hopefully I’m just kicking back and relaxing on a boat somewhere.  I hope you enjoy some of the energy and time that we put into our posts and have something to take away at the end of the day.  Until next time Cheers ~ Andrew.
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    1. Alice Council
      February 9, 2013 at 9:07 pm

      Way awesome you two. I love hearing about you.

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